Ideas For Healthy Diets For Kids

healthy diet for kidsIt is very important for your children to have an abundance of healthy natural food in their diet everyday. By providing them with the fiber, protein, and carbohydrates that they need, in a balanced manner, it will help them grow and develop both physically and mentally. Trying to convince children that eating a candy bar is probably not in their best interest is very hard to do unless they understand why it is so important to eat healthy food. To help them stay healthy, and eat meals and snacks that are healthy too, let’s look at a few of the best healthy diets for kids, meals and snacks that they will not only enjoy, but will keep them coming back for more.

Peanut Butter And Cheese Snacks

First of all, let’s look at ways to redirect their attention to healthy snacks instead of ones that are probably bad for their health. Every kid loves to eat candy, cookies, ice cream and everything else that is loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugars that they simply don’t need to have in their body. As an alternative, you might want to redirect their attention to a couple snacks that almost every child loves to eat. By providing them with healthy peanut butter snacks, and cheese snacks, it might help diminish their cravings for junk food. Be creative with your presentation, giving them peanut butter on top of whole-wheat crackers, sprinkled with raisins. Kids love string cheese, and believe it or not it is actually an excellent healthy source for calcium, phosphorus, and the lean protein that every child needs to grow healthy and strong. Now that you have a couple ideas for substituting in healthier snacks, let’s look at ways to improve their everyday meals.

Fish And Whole Grains

Some children enjoy eating fish, whereas others will not touch it. Likewise, many kids enjoy healthy whole grain cereals, whereas others do not like the taste at all. If your kids do like fish and whole grains, you might want to create meals that target some of the most beloved meals that kids eat every day. By preparing fish sticks at home, using whole-grain flour and bread crumbs, and olive oil to fry them, your kids will absolutely love dipping their fish sticks, especially if you let them dip them in all natural cocktail sauce or home made ranch. Likewise, by creating whole-grain spaghetti, your kids will never know that they are actually eating healthy whole grains with their favorite spaghetti meal.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can create innovative healthy diets for kids every week. Try to think of what their favorite foods are that they have all the time, and find ways to substitute in healthier ingredients. By incorporating peanut butter and cheese snacks instead of sodas and candy bars, or simply making healthier versions of their favorite meals like spaghetti, you can slowly begin to improve your child’s eating habits by using these simple tips for creating healthy food that your children will enjoy.

Healthy Breakfast For Kids They Will Simply Adore

Preparing a healthy breakfast for kids and making sure they are going to eat it can be a very daunting task, especially if your children don’t fancy vegetables too much. Nonetheless, it is not that hard to make them love their breakfast while getting a healthy nutrition as well.

What Foods To Include?

breakfastAny breakfast for children should be based on fruit, vegetables and protein. Protein can come from eggs, as they are full of nutrients the body needs to grow and develop normally. You need to make sure you get free range eggs, because they come from birds that are raised in a way that’s close to their natural habitat.

You can add some dairy products, but that’s debatable, as some nutritionist believe humans aren’t designed to digest cow’s milk. Anyway, if you also believe that, you can choose dairy prepared from goat’s milk, as it is supposedly healthier.

Grains are also good for the kids, provided you offer them only whole grains. You can find easily whole grain toast or English muffins. Rolled oats are also good. They could be mixed with yogurt, dried fruit or nuts because if you serve them plain, the kids might not be too happy about the taste.

Breakfast Ideas

Pancakes are delicious and loved by almost all kids. In order to make them healthier, use whole grain flour and try to replace the sugar with honey or stevia. You can decorate the pancakes with eyes made from blueberries, eyebrows made from plum slices, noses made from peanuts and mouths made from mango slices. Unleash your imagination in creating food decor your kids will go crazy over.

If you cook eggs, use various shapes when you fry them, so that they look appealing for the little ones. You may consider poaching the eggs instead of frying them, because they will be healthier when cooked this way. If your kids object, use animal shapes to put the eggs in while you poach them, then decorate them with pieces of vegetables, tomatoes or parsley.

Smoothies are an excellent and healthy breakfast for kids. You can mix in those smoothies all healthy veggies and fruit your child refuses to eat. Mask the unwanted taste with tastes of foods he loves and you’ll see you won’t have a problem with preparing a nutritious breakfast each and every day.

All kids love sandwiches, so you may need to improvise some sandwich-based breakfasts. If you replace white bread with whole grain one and you use real butter, not margarine or other spreads, you’ll obtain a quick and healthy breakfast your child will love.

Always let the kids play with their food. This works great at any age, because kids get easily absorbed into their play and many times they will eat just for the sake of the game, even if they don’t agree with the taste of the food very much. Be creative and learn about healthy foods that are perfect for children.

Healthy Kid Friendly Recipes Your Child Will Enjoy

kids friendlyAs your child gets older, they will want to start doing more things with you everyday. When they were a toddler, they may have relied upon you for getting things done, but at some point, they will want to participate. Helping mom or dad in the yard, or doing activities in the house, are things that you can expect from your child at a younger age. One of the best ways to interact with your kids is to cook with them, a family activity that many people do together every day. In this article, we will present healthy kid friendly recipes that your child will enjoy, not only cooking with you, but also eating once everything is done.

Grilled Teriyaki Shrimp Kebabs

If you are concerned about the health of your family, making sure that they get plenty of protein, carbohydrates, and omega-3 fatty acids, you’re probably interested in creating meals that involve fish. If you enjoy eating seafood, especially shrimp, then grilled teriyaki shrimp kebabs will be a favorite with your family. The adults can prepare the shrimp and scallops, cleaning them, and putting them on the skewers. After chopping up the vegetables, the kids can put on the onions, broccoli and build uppers. Both of you can help each other preparing the brown rice for the meal, and also turning the shish kebabs as they roast over the grill. You can add red pepper sauce, or even Dijon mustard, to give this meal an extra kick. For the seafood lovers, this is a family oriented meal that can be fun to prepare, and also extremely healthy to eat.

Super Berry Smoothie Supreme

Eating a healthy meal is a great idea, but what’s a meal without a fantastic drink? By going to the store and picking up fresh strawberries, blueberries, and also a couple bananas to make it thick, you can blend one of the most tasty berry smoothies that you will ever drink. It’s also good to add frozen berries if they are available, instead of using just ice. This will enhance the overall flavor, making it thick and rich, and an instant hit with those that drink it. One cup of strawberries and blueberries, along with two bananas, mixed with a quart of low-fat milk plus some agave nectar, will make an excellent smoothie for up to four people. This smoothly is completely natural, providing everyone with fiber, natural sugar, and the health benefits of agave nectar. It will certainly be a favorite to drink with the meals that you create.

Using these recipes is not that hard to do. It might take a little more time than going to the store or restaurant, picking up your food, and getting everything done in record time. There is something special about families interacting together creating meals that they will all enjoy. Plus you can sit down with your kids, find all sorts of healthy kid friendly recipes on the web, and plan your meals together.