Best Healthy Snacks For Toddlers Available Today

toddlersIf you have a child that is between the ages of one and three, you know how exciting this time is as your child begins to develop. It is during this time that physical and motor skills begin to develop quite rapidly, along with their overall height and weight. Sensory and cognitive development is also going on, as they learn their first words, as well as are able to understand simple commands. Best of all, toddlers will develop a great attachment to their parents, making what can be a very difficult time and extremely happy one as well. It is important to provide healthy snacks for toddlers so that they can continue to grow and develop in a positive way. Here are a couple of the best treats that you can consider giving your little one on an everyday basis.

Ants On A Log

This is probably a snack that you can give your toddler once they are about two years of age. They will have the ability to handle this snack using both of their hands, and also chew this yummy snack quite easily. Ants on a log is simply putting peanut butter on celery sticks, and sprinkling them with raisins. Although some people may substitute peanuts instead of raisins, many physicians recommend waiting until your child is three years of age so as to prevent the possibility of developing peanut allergies. This is a healthy nutritious snack that provides them with fiber, protein, and the glucose they will need to keep their energy levels running high.

Banana Yogurt Dips

A fun snack that you can enjoy with your toddler are banana yogurt dips. You know how much children love to dip the food that they have before eating the snack you have given them. Banana yogurt dips are the perfect healthy treat for toddlers, over the age of 18 months. Even if their teeth are not fully in, the banana and yogurt will be easy for them to chew and swallow, giving them the natural sugar and protein that they need.

Whole Baked Crackers With Almond Butter

Almost every child enjoys eating crackers, a favorite treat that most kids enjoy. Some of them will spread peanut butter on the crackers, or might eat them with their favorite cheese. A healthy alternative is to use whole baked crackers which provide a higher level of fiber. Almond butter is one of the little-known nutritional wonders of the world because of all of the vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids that it contains. Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for the development of your child’s skin, bones and brain. By having this snack on a regular basis, you can promote the proper development of your toddler by simply giving them this tasty treat.

There are many other snacks that you might want to try that are extremely healthy and nutritious. You can add canned salmon to the next, which also has omega-3’s, or simply provide them with lots of healthy vegetables including cucumbers and carrots. By taking the time to look at all of the healthy snacks for toddlers that are available today, you can create a menu of healthy treats that you can provide for them, ones that they will enjoy.

Guidelines For Creating Healthy Meals For Kids And The Whole Family

These days we are so bombarded by ads for expensive, processed convenience foods and fast foods that it is sometimes hard to remember what it takes to prepare healthy, natural, real food. One thing is certain, healthy meals for kids and adults contribute to a better quality of life and a higher level of overall health. Eating well is really not complicated, but many people have simply forgotten how or never learned. In this article, we will discuss what you need to do to stock your kitchen right so that you can feed your family right and save money in the process. Read on to learn more.

healthy mealsBegin by understanding that you and your family should never eat anything that isn’t food. This may sound obvious, but the fact is many of the products that are sold as food in the grocery store are actually just food-like substances. Sure, they are edible and they won’t kill you on the spot, but they don’t nourish you. Quite the opposite, processed foods packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring, flavoring and other non-food ingredients will gradually whittle away at your health and cost you a fortune in doctor bills and loss of quality of life.

One of the best ways to be sure you have what it takes to make plenty of healthy meals for kids is to simply make sure that all the foods in your kitchen are as close to their natural state as possible. Avoid buying prepared foods at all costs. Instead, opt for whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, plain, lean meats, dried beans and lentils. Buy only whole grain breads, or better yet make your own whole grain bread. Read the labels on dairy products to avoid products that contain excessive hormones or artificial colors, flavors and various sweeteners.

When you keep plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand as snacks, your kids will develop a taste for them. Allow your kids to eat fresh fruits and veggies as much as they want, and be sure there is always a pitcher of cold pure filtered water available in your fridge. Keep some lemon and lime wedges cut up in a bowl in the fridge to be added to water for flavor. Purchase a stainless steel water bottle for every member of your family and encourage everyone to carry fresh water throughout the day.

Healthy foods for kids go over better when kids are involved in food preparation. Be sure to have easy to make snacks on hand such as plain popcorn to be air popped. When you purchase popcorn in bulk, you will be amazed by how much money you save and by how much better it is than microwave popcorn. Plain, air popped popcorn has more fiber and no artificial ingredients.

Air popping popcorn is fun and easy and kids can create a wide variety of toppings for all-natural popcorn. Some examples include grated cheese, Parmesan cheese, mixed spices and more. Imagination and a well stocked spice cupboard are the only limits in preparing this thrifty, delicious, healthy snack. For a classic snack for movie watching, try a topping of melted butter and coconut oil with sea salt. This is a much healthier version of theater popcorn.

Preparing healthy meals for kids and the entire family is really quite easy, and in the long run it will save you a fortune in grocery and doctor bills. Use the money you save to invest in handy gadgets such as an inexpensive water filtration pitcher, stainless steel water bottles, a bread maker and a popcorn air popper. These little expenses will save you money and provide you with a higher quality of food and a better way of life.