Healthy Kids Snacks To Keep On Hand

snacksKids are notoriously hard to please when it comes to food, especially when it comes to healthy food. Show them a plate of healthy veggies and they tend to scream and run the other way. Healthy kids snacks are important at this age because this is the time that your child’s body is growing and developing. Filling it up with junk food can harm their growth. While your child may be begging for junk food, read on to discover some snacks they will love and are good for them too.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is not only super healthy, but it tastes amazing. Your child will be begging for more at the first bite. You can either buy trail mix at the store or make it yourself. Look for a mix that is high in nuts and dried fruit. It’s fine to buy trail mix that has chocolate in it as well, but make sure it isn’t a major component of the mix.


Cheese is one of the best snacks that are healthy because it is high in protein and calcium, two things growing bodies need. The protein will give them energy so they don’t crash in the afternoon and the calcium builds their bones. Go beyond the basic cheese cubes and use cookie cutters to cut the cheese into fun shapes.

Peanut Butter

The sweet, nutty taste of peanut butter is a taste most kids just can’t resist. Thankfully it is healthy too. Peanut butter is full of fiber and protein. It is filling too, which is a big plus when you have kids. Spread it on healthy crackers or make it into a sandwich. You can even pair it with cheese or carrots. Any way you serve it, peanut butter is always a hit.


Always keep fruit on hand if you have kids. Fruit is sweet, appealing to kids, and one of the healthiest things you can eat. Fruit is full of vitamins and other nutrients, and you can feel good letting them eat as much of it as they want. If you want to make fruit even healthier, dip it in yogurt or pair it with cheese or peanut butter. You can even freeze slices of watermelon or grapes and eat them like popsicles when the weather is hot. Dried fruit makes a great snack as well.


Applesauce is not only portable, but it is healthy and it tastes good. Applesauce is an easy way to get your child to eat fruit. Stick to low-sugar varieties if you can. Applesauce is full of fiber and vitamins and you can mix other healthy ingredients in it like raisins and nuts. Add some cinnamon to it for extra flavor. It also freezes well and makes a tasty frozen snack.

Healthy kids snacks are good for your child and good for your wallet. Healthy foods tend to cost less than their overly processed counterparts. Do something good for your child and stock your kitchen with these healthy snacks.