Healthy Breakfast For Kids They Will Simply Adore

Preparing a healthy breakfast for kids and making sure they are going to eat it can be a very daunting task, especially if your children don’t fancy vegetables too much. Nonetheless, it is not that hard to make them love their breakfast while getting a healthy nutrition as well.

What Foods To Include?

breakfastAny breakfast for children should be based on fruit, vegetables and protein. Protein can come from eggs, as they are full of nutrients the body needs to grow and develop normally. You need to make sure you get free range eggs, because they come from birds that are raised in a way that’s close to their natural habitat.

You can add some dairy products, but that’s debatable, as some nutritionist believe humans aren’t designed to digest cow’s milk. Anyway, if you also believe that, you can choose dairy prepared from goat’s milk, as it is supposedly healthier.

Grains are also good for the kids, provided you offer them only whole grains. You can find easily whole grain toast or English muffins. Rolled oats are also good. They could be mixed with yogurt, dried fruit or nuts because if you serve them plain, the kids might not be too happy about the taste.

Breakfast Ideas

Pancakes are delicious and loved by almost all kids. In order to make them healthier, use whole grain flour and try to replace the sugar with honey or stevia. You can decorate the pancakes with eyes made from blueberries, eyebrows made from plum slices, noses made from peanuts and mouths made from mango slices. Unleash your imagination in creating food decor your kids will go crazy over.

If you cook eggs, use various shapes when you fry them, so that they look appealing for the little ones. You may consider poaching the eggs instead of frying them, because they will be healthier when cooked this way. If your kids object, use animal shapes to put the eggs in while you poach them, then decorate them with pieces of vegetables, tomatoes or parsley.

Smoothies are an excellent and healthy breakfast for kids. You can mix in those smoothies all healthy veggies and fruit your child refuses to eat. Mask the unwanted taste with tastes of foods he loves and you’ll see you won’t have a problem with preparing a nutritious breakfast each and every day.

All kids love sandwiches, so you may need to improvise some sandwich-based breakfasts. If you replace white bread with whole grain one and you use real butter, not margarine or other spreads, you’ll obtain a quick and healthy breakfast your child will love.

Always let the kids play with their food. This works great at any age, because kids get easily absorbed into their play and many times they will eat just for the sake of the game, even if they don’t agree with the taste of the food very much. Be creative and learn about healthy foods that are perfect for children.